Professional image. Professional sound.

Alias Studio showcases talented musicians and bands from around the world.
Besides recording, mixing and mastering we now host Studio Live Sessions. Our concept is to capture intimate performances from diverse artists in a professional recording studio.

An extraordinary combination of a recording session and a live concert.

Your performance

We partner with bands/artists to host a special live performance with a full production crew to capture their video and sound.

What we create is really a one of a kind experience that most people have never had before!


Nothing beats video when it comes to capturing the raw emotion of a live performance and in today’s world it is essential for artists to have content online portraying what they do, and what better way to do that than through the power of YouTube.

welcome to our studio

L’Orangerie, a high-spec recording studio conveniently located near Paris. It is extensively equipped with high-end gear distributed across three separate rooms: the control room, the live room, and the acoustic room. The studio can be found within a historical building that has been specifically restored for making and recording music. Set in leafy surroundings and encircled by dreamy countryside, it is the perfect backdrop for creativity and productivity.


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